About Us

What Defines Us

We at Rafiki Solar Limited are focused to bridge the gap between Energy Access and Affordability. We believe Energy access changes the way of life for many households, communities and our society at large.

We hold distributorship for several Premium Quality products such as Grundfos, Lorentz, Yingli Solar Panels, SMA Inverters, Victron Inverters, Campion Batteries, Gaston amongst other equipment suited for local challenges. Our principal focus is in the following areas;

  1. Energy Division – Solar PV, Solar Security Lighting, Power Back-Up, Solar Water Pumping, Solar Water Heating, Clean Cook Stoves, Non Wood Fuels and Energy Consultancy Services
  2. Water Division – Water Pumps, Pump Installation Works, Borehole Equipment, Rainwater Harvesting, Elevated Water Storage Reservoirs, Water Works and Other related Plumbing Works.
  3. Consultancy Division – Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Audit, Resettlement Action Plans, Baseline Surveys, Managed Services like Contracts and Installation services for Solar & Water Equipment.

What is our driving force?


To lead the way in providing affordable, comprehensive clean Energy & Water solutions that help communities to flourish


We will Lead the way in designing, building and providing the best solutions through commitment to our promises to the world making every effort to maintain Professionalism, Integrity, Innovation, Respect, Quality and Teamwork



  • To Innovate i.e Challenge Status Quo to create value for Customers
  • Integrity & Professionalism
  • Team Work – The believe that “Together we Win”
  • Quality – A commitment to achieve the highest Quality Standards
  • Sustainability in every aspect of our business
  • A Listening and Caring Partner

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are pioneers in the field of Energy Conservation

We believe we are uniquely qualified to execute successful Energy & Water related solutions in response to your requirement based on,

  • Knowledge: Our knowledge and understanding of industry challenges is extensive. We team up with seasoned industry experts and collaborate with international team of highly qualified technical experts to provide the much needed solutions.
  • Experience: We have considerable experience dealing and solving temporary or permanent Energy & Water challenges in the region.
  • People: All our Technical Staff are seasoned Engineers in various disciplines, and have exceptional levels of technology knowledge and experience as well as the relevant technical and project management expertise to deliver.
  • Solutions: We endeavor to customize every solution to site specific challenges, adopting a wide range of modern equipment from world leading manufacturers. All the equipment is carefully selected based on state of the art innovations

Our Partners